"The Awakening" by Caroline Patrick, is one of my favorite pieces of art. How do you feel when you look at it? Uplifted? A future full of potential? Do you loooooooove it? Does it 'speak' to you? Do you feel stronger just being able to look at it?....or maybe not. Maybe it leaves you with ambivalent feelings. Our state of emotions has a lot to do with how we feel about a photo or painting.

Maybe you had an unpleasant experience with poppies nearby. Maybe the color red - and the meridians and animal archetypes associated with it in the Fire element: Heart (Horse), Small Intestines (Sheep/goat), Circiulation-Sex (Dog) and Triple Warmer (Boar/Pig) - has certain meanings to you that you may not even be aware of.

The Triple Warmer meridian is not an organ, of course, it is a process and regulates the heat in the body; it also regulates metabolism and thyroid. The emotions surrounding it are hope vs. hopeless. People born in the year or hour or the Boar can be pessimistic - they tend to see the glass half empty. They hate to be humiliated and ridiculed. They will go out of their way not to have this happen. "The Awakening" is a painting of Hope, and when you are in the doldrums or depressed, looking at it and tapping, often brings you into a better state of being. Thoughts may pop up, and you can tap for them til they are neutralized.

Just to give you the tapping sequence on this page:

top of the head
between the eyes
sides of the eyes (bilateral)
under the eyes (bilateral)
above and below the lips (one hand for top one hand for bottom)
under the ears at the jawline (bilateral)
thump on the chest at the spot where a man's tie is knotted
4" down from the arm pits (bilateral)
5 finger tips together
clap with the wrists

This is an example of how photographs with the primary colors can help you to release an issue safely and gently. This is also a painting with the hint of orange in it, and as I mentioned with the camellia, orange is a sexual color. You could also use this on sexual issues to come into a secure place with it. On one level it could be seen as a sensual orgasm.

Art work: "The Awakening" by Caroline Patrick, artist, herbalist and Feng Shui consultant. See her web site Click here