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Based on my book, "Chinese Power Animals" ,everyone has a 4 animal totem which are archetypes of the meridians/organs/emotions of the body. Most of us know the animal for the year they were born....the Year of the Horse...the Year of the Dragon....2009 is the Year of the Ox.....but these aren't just quaint little animals, they each represent an organ/meridian of the body and the attendant emotions that go along with them. From them, we get a look at the meridians and emotions that affect us more specifically than others.

For instance, I was born in the Year of the Horse, the Month of the Snake, the Hour of the Rooster and the Minute of the Tiger. Or another way of looking at it is that I was born in the Year of the Heart, the Month of the Spleen, the Hour of the Kidneys and the Minute of the Lungs. These are the meridians that are strongest in me, and the emotions that are associated with them are ones at the top of my list to work on.

What are yours? Your birthdate is a birth map of the meridians/emotions that are pertinent to you.

Using guided visualization and EFT, I will do a personal cd for you, outlining your personal animal totem, giving you key elements to visualize and tap. Knowing the emotions that are more specific to you than others, can bring answers more quickly.

Email me with your complete birthdate: day, month, year, time and place, and send $45 + $6 P&H =$51 via PayPal, or we'll make arrangements..

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