white rose

When you clicked on this page and you saw this camellia for the first time, what was your reaction? Did you think, "that's a pretty picture"? or did you LOOOOOOOOVE it? or did you Haaaaaaaaaaaate it? Did it bring up visceral feelings? The basic components are: the camellia, the green leaves, the darker background and the light at the bottom.

In the 5 element system, on which acupuncture is based, the 5 correlating colors are: white, red, blue, yellow and green. White symbolizes the air (metal) element, the red symbolizes fire, blue symbolizes water (emotions), yellow symbolizes earth, and green symbolizes wood.

If you are having issues with nerve problems of any sort, particularly if there is anger involved, there is, in the majority of the time, an emotional charge behind it. This is a wonderful picture to look at and tap at the same time. You don't even have to know they whys and wherefores if you don't want to. You can just tap for "this nerve problem" " this anger issue" and see what comes up for you.

How do you feel when you look at the camellia? What happens when you look at the green leaves? One normally thinks of red as anger, but think about the "Incredible Hulk" on tv many years ago - when he got frustrated, his buttons popped and he turned into this green monster. Or think of the phrase, "green with envy".

Now, focus on the darkness behind it. How do you feel about that? What is it saying to you? Tap on whatever comes up for you. After you've processed this for awhile, then focus on the light at the bottom right. This can be the light, leading you out of the darkness. Your final tapping can be for "the answer reveals itself, gently, safely and easily".

Just to give you the tapping sequence on this page:

top of the head
between the eyes
sides of the eyes (bilateral)
under the eyes (bilateral)
above and below the lips (one hand for top one hand for bottom)
under the ears at the jawline (bilateral)
thump on the chest at the spot where a man's tie is knotted
4" down from the arm pits (bilateral)
5 finger tips together
clap with the wrists

This is an example of how photographs with the primary colors can help you to release an issue safely and gently. One time I had a client who hated the color orange. Orange is a sexual color in the chakra system; working with this color released a lot of issues on its own, without having to get into them.....if that's what you want to do. A criticism of EFT is that we just tap and don't find the underlying cause.......but that's a choice. If someone wants to just tap for "this anger" and whatever comes up, fine. Others like to get to specific events and collapse the emotional energy behind it. Sometimes EFT practitioners go to the specific event, and sometimes it's more appropriate to do it 'globally' - which means that we just work generally and let go of pieces so that when we get to the charged event, it has lost a lot of its emotional toll.